Co Manager

Sarah Polley

Sarah started the business with her dad back in 2018. She grew up in Halifax and is now completing a Bachelor of Education at StFX University! She loves working at the lake in the summer and her favourite part is her coworkers. When not at the lake, you can find her cuddling with her guinea pigs Ben and Jerry.


Peter Polley

The backbone of Long Lake Adventure Company. Peter provides invaluable assistance to his two wonderful daughters who are learning how to run a business. He does this all while handmaking and fixing nearly everything on-site!


Grace Earle

Grace is our team artiste - the steady hand behind the LLAC whiteboard art. Grace is currently a Varsity swimmer for the Acadia Axewomen while pursuing a Bachelor of Science. When not at the lake, you can find her doing arts and crafts or baking.


Gabrielle Wicks

Gabrielle is living in Nova Scotia for the first time this summer, having just here moved from Stouffville, Ontario. Gabrielle loves small family businesses and helping others! When not at the lake, her smiling face can be found making handmade cards for her own business (@Hwyninetynine on Etsy and Instagram!)


Max Hayden

Max comes from a long line of Hayden employees at the Long Lake Adventure Company (shoutout to the O.G. Sydney). He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science with a Minor in Music at Dalhousie University. When he isn't at the lake, he can be found playing rugby or performing with his band called "Customer Service"!


Molly Morgan

Molly is a new member of our team this summer! She just finished her Bachelor Social Sciences with a Major in Psych and a Minor in Law at UOttawa. When she's not working, you can find her camping, canoeing, and volunteering!

Co Mascot


Easily the best part of every LLAC employee's day. She loves our staff and always puts a smile on our faces!

Co Manager

Katie Polley

Katie is an integral part of the operation at LLAC. She works with her loving sister, daily, to ensure customer satisfaction. Katie is currently a Varsity swimmer for the UOttawa Gee-Gees while pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce. When she's not at the lake, she can be found shopping at Value Village.


Kelley Polley

Thank goodness for our accountant! In addition to balancing the books, Kelley enjoys sanitizing lifejackets and doing iced coffee runs for staff on hot sunny days. When not helping at the lake, Kelley can be found biking the Sambro Loop.


Alexa El-Hawary

Alexa is the life of the party here at Long Lake Adventure Company. As the saying goes... work hard, play hard! She is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce at Acadia University. When Alexa isn't at the lake, she can be found enjoying all that downtown Halifax has to offer!


Jon Earle

Jon is our star employee, with the record number of "Employee of the Week" awards in one summer. Jon swims competitively for the Halifax Trojans and runs Track & Field for Sacred Heart. In his free time, Jon loves to run and cook!


Grace El-Hawary

Grace is a new member of our team this summer. During the year, she is studying Engineering at Western University. When she's not at the lake, you can find her at the gym or hanging out with friends and family!


Marin Carey

Marin is a long-time staff member at the Long Lake Adventure Company. She just finished up her Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Environmental Sustainability and Sociology at Dalhousie University. She is working in her field this summer but will be around as a casual employee!

Co Mascots

The Ducks

The cutest little ducks you'll ever see - we promise. They enjoy a tasty treat of steel-cut oats and love to keep morale up at LLAC!